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Stop or Reduce Alcohol Newcastle Face to Face & Online – How to Stop Emotional Eating or other negative habits today. Stop Smoking.

Stopping habits can be  really difficult alone, that’s why we are here to help. 

This is why Hypnosis is the best choice for you. Learn how to quit these old habits easily. This can be done online. Or to face sessions available in Charlestown if appropriate with restrictions etc.

Stop Drinking Newcastle, Stop Overeating Newcastle Stop Gambling Newcastle. Stop Smoking.

At Charlestown Hypnotherapy we assist you to change these Habits for good.

There are many different methods to breaking habits or behaviours, however not all of these address the three main components that can make change so difficult.

These three are Physical, Mental and Social. If you don’t address these issues, then failure is more likely, or the chances of relapse are significantly higher.

Dopamine can be released due to any habit that you have trained yourself and conditioned yourself to believe that it makes you feel good. Unfortunately, after the dopamine wears off, these symptoms return which causes the person to crave that feeling. Or the gambler to want to gamble again, or the other habits already mentioned. During Hypnotherapy, we replace the old habits or behaviours with other techniques to enable you to feel good without the need for the habit or behaviour. This enables you to change in a more relaxed way.

The act of any conditioned behaviour is often part of a daily routine. People eat or drink when bored or lonely for example. The habit can become a crutch, almost like a steady friend you can rely on. Stay on track with your quit by identifying these moments and triggers, and relearning or adjusting behaviours to stay strong during a craving. In your Hypnotherapy sessions we break these routines and connections with the habit.

Many drinkers develop social groups around drinking, or gambling can be the same —people will head out with friends or co-workers to do these things together. A large percent of people who make these changes report that support from others, including friends, family, significant others and co-workers is very beneficial to successfully change. Rather than stopping in secret, reach out to your trustworthy friends and include them in your New Program For change. It is difficult to change alone, therefore don’t.