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Traits of Resiliency

Resilience is defined as the ability to recover quickly from adversity. 
The research shows that people are more likely to learn from difficult or traumatic situations (resilience) than not. There are several personal qualities that are considered ‘protective factors’ in individuals who are resilient. These factors are based on years of research. People who have suffered from PTSD have been found to have a significantly lower level of resilience.

This is one of the factors that we can assist you to change with Hypnosis. It is not a stagnant trait.
PTSD help online
PTSD Help Online

The personal resiliency indicators are:

  Relationships: The ability to form positive relationships

  Helpfulness: Gives of self to help others

  Life Skills: Practices good life skills such as communication, problem solving, etc.

  Humour: Ability to laugh at difficult situations

  Inner Guidance: Uses internal guidance for making choices and coping with problems

  Perceptiveness: Ability to understand people and situations

  Independence: Ability to make choices that are best for oneself despite the norm

  Optimism: Hopeful view of the future

  Adaptability: Ability to adjust to changing needs and circumstances

  Love of learning: Interest in and capacity to learn and grow

Self-motivation: Internally driven

  Competence: Mastery of something that matters

  Self-worth: Sees self as a worthy and worthwhile person

  Spirituality: Faith in a power greater than oneself

  Perseverance: Ability to keep on in the face of difficulty

Creativity: Use of imagination and expression through some artistic outlet

These are different for everybody and can be changed with some work together.

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